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The visible area between the vagina and the rectum is called the perineum. This is the region where episiotomies are cut and where tears during childbirth are most common. Oftentimes, the healing process of these tears leads to uneven scarring and disfiguration of the perineum. This condition often results in vaginal looseness.

Women who have given birth vaginally and are experiencing vaginal looseness or itching, decreased sexual sensation, or changes in bowel habits are the most common candidates for this procedure.

This surgery repairs the damage and resurfaces the tissue to return the area to its pre-pregnancy state. It aims to make this region appear normal by removing excess skin, loosening skin tags, and then suturing the underlying muscles or the perineal body closer together.

The procedure also rebuilds and tightens muscles. The entrance of the vagina will be narrowed, providing the additional benefit of vaginal tightness for intercourse.


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